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Further Information

I have not become involved in LinkedIn or other professional social media platforms earlier, or developed a website before. However, Stephen Cresswell alerted me to papers on LinkedIn which proved very useful, Matthew Leitch alerted me to papers on his own website which also proved very useful, and Dale Cooper very kindly put his ‘Comments by other colleagues’ contribution to Enlightened Planning and a note about the book on his website. When setting up this website it seemed sensible to include these three colleague’s website addresses plus a few others with a brief comment on the rationale, and seek suggestions for further additions if this information proves useful.


Stephen Cresswell’s website, , may be of interest because Stephen has followed my publications since the early 2000s and took part in my 2006 International Project Management Association (IPMA) training course in Copenhagen, but he has developed his own take on systematic simplicity and enlightened planning tools working with a wide range of clients, and you may find some of his ideas interesting and directly relevant.


Matthew Leitch’s website, , may be of interest because he has long had an integrated holistic perspective which has evolved in some very interesting ways, and his website features items like reports on surveys and experiments to find out what most people think, plus interesting sections on ‘theories and perspectives’ and ‘improving your skills’. Consultation responses, book reviews and other useful websites are also addressed.


Dale Cooper’s website, , may be of interest because Dale and I worked together as consultants as well as academic colleagues in the 1980s, and we are still good friends who share some key ideas, although we use different terms to describe similar concepts and do not entirely agree on some approaches. The website’s ‘resource materials’ section is one of several you may find of interest, with contributions by Broadleaf colleagues as well as Dale.


Warren Black’s paper mentioning my work with Stephen Ward, referred to in the Enlightened Planning book sample, may be accessed via , and used to access many other papers you may find useful. Disruption is a theme.


The website for the Centre for Operational Research, Management Science and Information Systems (CORMIS),, may be of interest because of its well established breadth and depth in these areas. Its collaboration and consultancy may be of relevance as well as its research, study programmes and events.


The Centre for Risk Research (CRR) website,, may also be of interest because of its established breadth and depth. Business related services and current and previous projects may be of relevance, as well as its research and study programmes and collaboration across the university and internationally.


This website was initially built by David Thomas, and he has revised and maintained it. Both his approach and the results suggest to me that you might like to contact him using if you need a website built.


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